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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Client Profile: Aaron Cross
(Bourne Legacy)

So this client
comes in the office complaining of severe chills, fever, people chasing him, a
doctor he's trying to protect and something about missing pills. He also
mentions that this doctor wants to infuse the effects of the missing pills into
his body by gene-doping via a viral delivery system. Apparently this was done
to him before with another colored pill against his knowledge and it let to him
being violently ill for some time. Should Mr. Cross get this new viral therapy
this on-the-run doctor is proposing to him? What exactly is viral delivery
anyway? Well let's see:

For the first time roles are reversed and viruses get
hijacked while the pertinent information gets inserted. The virus then makes
its way on to the cells it will then infect depositing the new information that
will pretty much infest the whole cell.

Now I am no scientist, to be sure, but I would think
that anything that is delivered virally will exhibit what this poor Mr. Cross
was complaining about which were flu-like symptoms although most flus don't
cause people to be chased by local and hidden authorities. But what was Mr.
Cross after? What was the gene-doping supposed to accomplish? Can massage

Physical and
mental prowess, above normal stamina and intellect, super-soldier attributes,
think quick....act faster! Sound like a mind-body connection anyone? And when
do you achieve that more than a great work out using total body systems
engagement like weight-bearing exercises that include having to use hand-eye
coordination like tennis, basketball, boxing, jumping rope and then getting the
body ready for the next day's physical trauma with a stress reduction massage!
Now if Treadstone had a Hollistic Health package for its employees, maybe they
wouldn't have to keep trying to eliminate them!